Peur Du Rouge
CLothes of the stars
simple. elegant . shopping


Peur Du Rouge teamed up with Tri Meda Designs to create a simplistic ecommerce website where they could sell there custom clothes and have the user checkout without any distraction and in as few steps as possible.


Since they attended the lastest fashion shows they needed a blog to update their visitors on there latest events, news, and new releases.



What we created was an elegant easy to use Ecommerce website using Opencart. We cut the fluff and made it really simple to see the products, add to cart in within 3 steps be checked out.


We also created a simplistic blog where they are now interacting with all of there clients. Success!!!



  • • Web Design & Development
  • • Consulting & Planning
  • • Content Management System
  • • Ecommerce
  • • Basic SEO

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