The Hill Party Bus
Colorado's premier event party bus
a student owned and operated party bus rental company!


Thge objective for The Hill Party Bus website design was to make the site very basic but seamingly striking. They wanted to include neon colors becasue there target markert was the college crowd who listened to electronic music, raves etc...


Functionality : Since the main focus of The Hill Party Bus was to escort people to music events they needed a way to show there following what events they will be providing there party bus services to.



We create a a website design that blew there minds. It was both colorful and trully functional for them in every way. We created a custom Wordpress based backend system for them to create and update all the events they were attending.


Since many of there visitors were on the go we made there site 100& responsive... Meaning you could view there website on any device whether it be a phone, tablet or PC.



  • • Web Design
  • • UX/UI
  • • Development
  • • Wordpress Backend
  • • Responsive Web Design

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