Xbox 3 Red Light Fix
Xbox 3 Red Light Fix
aided in generate over $1,000,000 dollars in sales


To create a brand around a problem. James Dean Xbox 3 red light services was created to provide a solution for the thousands of Xbox 360 owners that had the Infamous red Ring of Death.


James Dean wanted to create a buzz with design and a killer sales letter.



We created just that a beautiful design wrapped around a powerful sales letter. We provided the market research to develop a brand around gamers. We created promotional videos found on the home page og there website


James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Results:

• Became a pioneer of the Xbox 3 red light fix

• Created a buzz in gaming community leading to more sales

• SEO and SEM marketing made them #1 in google search results for there targeted keyword .

• Became a top 100 premier vendor in Clickbank market place.



  • • Web Design
  • • UX/UI
  • • Development
  • • SEO
  • • SEM Search Engine Marketing

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