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Why brand your business?
Building a story around your brand is the next frontier in marketing…

Branding is a way for your customer to identify your business. Here at Tri Media we believe in branding with stories. These short stories delivered in a tagline or company statement are tied around your logo so customer can quickly identify you.

How we brand your business...

Business brand development starts with a business image or "brand identity." It's the emotional perception others have of your business. ​Brand identity tangibles include your photos, text, colors, tone, style, and more. It tells the world, "this is me." Its how you present yourself.


Strategic branding will set you apart from your competitors and send a message that’s memorable.


​5 ways Tri Media can help you brand your business:


  • 1. Graphic & logo Design – From Logos to graphics – this is the easiest way to show your brand across your marketing material.

  • 2. Web Design – The way your site is designed can immediately connect with your target market. We make sure it’s a memorable one.

  • 3. Social Media – Expand your reach beyond your website and you’re your brand spread across Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+ and Linkden. This is an awesome vehicle to expand your brands exposure and drive more leads to your website.

  • 4. Photography – Every image should be a reflection of your brand. If you’re currently using photography in your business, branding your photos with your logo will tie the emotion behind the picture to your brand. How this brings back more business is two fold. One the search engines pick up your images and your brand will be in place to let the viewer know who took it. Two when clients share your pictures on social media sites. Your logo will be there when it goes viral.

  • 5. Writing and SEO – Story telling is the future of marketing. Big brands are spending millions of dollars creating stores around their brand. You can use the same techniques to build to build a story that influences your prospects to take action. By building a story around your core keywords we can help you not only help you rank on the first page of Google. We can ensure that your visitor is getting a succinct message that delivers a powerful story to get an action. Be it a lead or a sale.

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What our clients say about us...
“I've used Tri Media Designs for several different projects here at Century 21 Union Realty. They always come up with creative designs that have helped us generate leads unlike our last web developer. Eric is very personable, listened to what we needed and made it happen.”

Jennette Phillips

Century 21 Union Realty

“Just an amazing & easy experience working with the team at Tri Media Designs. They came to my office and interviewed me about my company, goals and what I wanted the website to do for us. Needless to say they were very knowledgeable and helped us craft a website that has brought new life to our business?”

Jennette Phillips

Surface Prep systems

“I love my website and so does everyone else who's visited. Their process was really easy and they had my site up and running pretty fast. Eric @ Tri Media is really knowledgeable at his craft and gave me pointers on how I can make my lead capture page work for me. I've already recommended him to my friends, that's how good they are.”

William Gamio

Century 21 Union Realty

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